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Learning roulette is very easy to do, but finding the right strategy to use is actually a very hard task to perform A true strategy is supposed to optimize your game-play and help you out with your winnings. The mathematics underneath the game is clear-cut. But to propose a true roulette winnings strategy, that is another thing. The most popular strategy system known is the Martingale, which professes to utilize simplicity as its major attribute.

The problem with trying to better a proper roulette strategy is that all of the bets on the table calculate out to the same house edge of 5.25%. This applies mostly on American tables. The only exception to this rule is the five-number bet, which has an even worse edge of 7.29%!

So want to find a real roulette strategy? The most important thing to do is to pay SIMPLE ATTENTION. Knowing roulette is more about knowing what aspects of a particular casino roulette may possibly vary the ‘unchangeable’ house edge. In a game so rigid and non-interactive as roulette, we can’t really lower the house edge on the avid roulette player, but we can be on the lookout for casinos that offer special rules that accomplish virtually the same thing.

When you come into a casino, the first rule is to ‘surrender’. This is a term that should not be confused with the term used in blackjack. The rule applies to outside bets which pay even money only. These include red/black, odd/even and the high/low bet. If the ball lands on a 0 or 00 you only lose half of your bet, instead of all of it. In American roulette, this will work magic for you by significantly lowering the house edge on you. The house edge on these even money bets is now only 2.63%. That will increase your winning instantly. Although even money bets is now twice as nice as their inside counterparts, you will have to sacrifice any potential big payoffs to gain the benefit of a lower house edge.
You can find this rule in many Atlantic City casinos, and a few other places in the world. Single zero roulette wheels rarely offer surrender.

Another significant difference in tables that you have to keep an eye for is the European wheels, or single zero wheels. European roulette gambling is much different from its Atlantic City counterparts: 1) the table is quite often manned by two croupiers, 2) a rake is used to clear bets, and 3) players use normal casino chips instead of proprietary ones. Nonetheless, the only difference truly worth noting is the fact that there are only 37 pockets on the wheel. This simple change drops the house edge on all bets (not just the even money outside bets) to a much more attractive 2.70%. Payoff amounts are the same as an American table.

The last thing to include in online roulette strategy is a search for the added rule called ‘En Prison’. This rule can only be found in Europe and it can be stated in the following way: You place an even-money outside bet and the stupid ball falls in the 0 pocket. If En Prison is offered, the bet will not be swept away after the rest of the bets, but it won’t be returned to you either.

The bet is said to be ‘in prison’ and remains on the board to have its fate decided on the next spin. If on the next spin the bet ‘wins’, your money is returned to you, but with no extra winnings. If the number next spin is a loss for your imprisoned bet, it gets swept away. If 0 comes up again, the bet remains in prison. This nice little rule reduces the house edge on even-money bets to a mere advantage of 1.35%. Those who do not employ this strategy must contend with a much greater house edge.

Your roulette strategy should start by visiting my single zero roulette wheel locations page and finding a spot near you where you can play a European table. Remember, you always have the option of gambling at an online casino that offers single zero roulette.